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Mathew Thomas interview

Mathew Thomas interview

with John Dickson 

Way of Life Podcast
with Mathew Thomas

Bullies and Saints interview
with author John Dickson

This episode was recorded live at
Wynnum Baptist Church
on Sunday 24 August 2022

To say that the Christian Church has an “image problem” doesn’t quite capture it. From the Crusades and the Inquisition to the racism and abuse present in today’s Church–both in Catholic and Protestant traditions–the institution that Christ established on earth has a lot to answer for.

But the Church has also had moments throughout history when it has been in tune with Jesus’ teachings–from the rise of charity to the invention of hospitals.

John Dickson joins Mathew Thomas of Way of Life Podcast to take a look at church history and dig deep into not only the the good done by the church over the years, but also the wrongs and how the church can learn from history as we strive to better align ourselves to Christ’s example.

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