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With Laurel Moffatt

Accept Dr. Laurel Moffatt’s invitation to join her on an exploration of the unnoticed and the seemingly unimportant in search of life’s lessons by listening to her ‘letter to the listener’ right now.

Each episode of Small Wonders will offer a brief but piercing look into a topic, exploring something surprisingly restorative, healing, renewing about difficulty, suffering or brokenness. It will explore a place of fracture in order to show the wonder of the life that may exist within it, like a rock pool in a cleft of a rock.

We’re so excited for you to listen! Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. The first episode of Small Wonders is coming soon.

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Laurel Moffatt

I’m Laurel Moffatt. I’m a writer of essays, mainly. And with a background in English literature I have a habit of researching things, anything really, and finding something interesting about whatever it is I’m looking into.



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