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With Steve McAlpine

Where are we going as a society? And will you be happy when we get there? Steve McAlpine is here to help you answer those questions.

If a Delorean time machine pulled up in front of your house – Back To The Future style – and someone offered to show you what the future would be like, would you be content with what you found? And if not, what could you do to change it? Thinking this through is what Steve McAlpine calls Delorean Philosophy.

Steve McAlpine is a well-known social commentator, respected theologian and popular author. Each week, he takes a crucial trend or event that’s playing out in society now and asks, “Where is this taking us?”

Rather than just pontificating, Steve then provides practical steps listeners can take if they want to change the future.
That’s Delorean Philosophy.

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Steve McAlpine

Steve McAlpine

Stephen has been reading, writing and reflecting ever since he can remember. His first published piece (the school yearbook of 1974) was his Grade 2 story about a family of mice being terrorised by a shark on the beaches of Perth. A prescient warning if ever there were one.

He has pastored at several churches in his home state of Western Australia and in his writing dabbles in a number of fields, notably theology and culture, and the rapidly changing face of secularism in the West.

Steve enjoys running. He loves nothing better than hanging out having coffee with his wife in some urban place.


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