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2023’s Word of the Year: Conspiracy


2023’s Word of the Year: Conspiracy

If this year is anything to judge by, then by the time we come to the end of 2023 we are likely to find that everyone has developed their own conspiracy theory. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing.


Steve McAlpine takes a look at our trend towards conspiracy theories and wonders where it will take us in the coming year.

2022’s word of the year was ‘gaslighting’ and it seems we are set up for a darker shade of deceit in 2023 now that everyone is increasingly committed to only searching for the news they want to hear.

The death of six people in Queensland as the year comes to a close demonstrates how dangerous conspiracy theories can be.

But such disturbing events are a result of our increasing tendency to seek information online that conforms to what we already believe and confirms the directions in which we want to go.

Yet Steve says truth can still exist in our public forums, but it relies not on the mass revelation of some dark secret, but the communication of a single man.

What is Delorean Philosophy?

Where are we going as a society? And will you be happy when we get there? Steve McAlpine is here to help you answer those questions.

If a Delorean time machine pulled up in front of your house – Back To The Future style – and someone offered to show you what the future would be like, would you be content with what you found? And if not, what could you do to change it? Thinking this through is what Steve McAlpine calls Delorean Philosophy.

Steve McAlpine is a well-known social commentator, respected theologian and popular author. Each week, he takes a crucial trend or event that’s playing out in society now and asks, “Where is this taking us?”

Rather than just pontificating, Steve then provides practical steps listeners can take if they want to change the future. That’s Delorean Philosophy.

Delorean Philosophy is a proud member of the Undeceptions Network
Delorean Philosophy is a proud member of the Undeceptions Network.




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