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Venerable Bede

Episode 94

Venerable Bede

with Sarah Foot

94_ Venerable Bede - Social Hero

Introducing The Venerable Bede: Father of English history and the most brilliant polymath you’ve never heard of.

Meet our guests

The Reverend Sarah Foot is an English Anglican priest and early medieval historian, currently serving as Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History at the University of Oxford. She is an expert in early medieval history, and this year will become the first woman to serve as Dean of Christ Church, Oxford


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Check out these helpful links below for more info on what was discussed in this episode.

To Read:

– Christianity Today has this wonderful write-up of the life and times of Bede, condensing his extraordinary life into a bite-size dose of history
– In a similar vein, here’s History Hit’s 10 facts about the Venerable Bede
English Heritage has this helpful article noting the events occurring in England between the fall of Rome and the arrival of the Normans in 1066
– They’ve also done up this article as an introduction to Augustine of Canterbury – the first Archbishop of Canterbury
– The Guardian has this great review on former guest Seb Falk’s book The Light Ages, dispelling the myth that post-Roman Europe was a time of barbarity and intellectual stagnation
– These are among some of the final words written by Bede – his theological mission statement of sorts

To Watch:

– As per usual, the History Matters YouTube channel has produced a great video that captures the events of Bede’s time
– This clip from Lakeshore Academy for the New Evangelization asks the age-old question – what did Monks do all day?
– Useful Charts have done up this great video explaining the many anglo-Saxon kings and kingdoms that ruled England in Bede’s time

To Listen:

– Check out our episode on Vikings here (there are actually two of them!)
– And check out our episode on the Byzantine Empire while you’re at it – here it is
… and here’s our episode on Medieval Science
– The BBC has this 30-minute breakdown of Bede that’s well worth a listen
– Finally, if you have a spare 14 hours, here is a free audiobook of Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of the English People 

This awesome map shows all the kingdoms in England in the 7th century – the world that Bede inhabited

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