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Bible Mistakes


Bible Mistakes

With Craig Blomberg

In the first episode of our third season, we’re taking a close look at the New Testament – the second part of the Bible. Many scholars have pointed out historical inaccuracies in the gospels, or inconsistencies between the gospels that would surely call into question their reliability as sources for the historical Jesus. Some have suggested that the gospels weren’t actually written by who we think they were written by. Or claim that many of the letters written by Paul that appear in the Bible, weren’t penned by Paul at all. Professor Craig Blomberg has spent a lifetime digging around these ‘Bible mistakes’. And he’s not convinced that they are, in fact, mistakes. BONUS Listen to John Dickson and Craig Blomberg talk about the differences in the gospels and the Book of Acts when it comes to telling how Judas Iscariot dies. LINKS

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Bible Mistakes




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