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Gospel truth


Gospel truth

with Peter Williams


The necklace that John wears around his neck: a coin from the reign of Emperor Tiberius.

In episode 7 we ask: can we really trust the Gospels in the Bible? And how do the gospels – considered our best evidence for the existence of Jesus – stack up against the evidence for other historical figures of the day?

John Dickson chats with Dr Peter Williams, the author of Can We Trust the Gospels? about how solid the gospel sources for Jesus really are. Many would say they’re not as solid as, say, sources for the Emperor Tiberius, the second Roman emperor who reigned from 14 AD to 37 AD during the time it is said that Jesus lived. But Dr Williams may just change your mind…

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Hanging out with Dr Peter Williams in Granchester Meadows, by the river Granta (sometimes called the Cam).

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Get to know our guest

Dr Peter Williams is principal of Tyndale House, a Cambridge-based research institute housing one of the worlds’ most advanced libraries for biblical scholarship. He is also the chair of the International Greek New Testament Project which is currently producing the world’s most comprehensive information on the manuscripts of John’s Gospel. He is also a lecturer of Hebrew at the University of Cambridge. He has spoken in churches, universities, seminaries, high schools and at conferences and seminars/workshops across the US and the world on Biblical subjects including Bible translation, apologetics, and how to understand the Scriptures. Dr Williams is the author of several books, including his most recent published at the end of 2018: Can we trust the gospels?

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