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Hearing her Voice – A Biblical Invitation for Women to Preach

Hearing her Voice

by John Dickson

Hearing Her Voice - Book by John Dickson
Hearing Her Voice - Book by John Dickson

Based on his study of a key word for “teaching” in the New Testament-an activity often thought to be prohibited to women-and on various other kinds of public speaking in which women in Scripture clearly participated, scholar John Dickson builds a case for women preachers.

This expanded edition of Hearing Her Voice, published originally as a short ebook, presents an entirely new and convincing biblical argument. Focused and purposefully limited in its conclusions, Dickson’s case has the potential to change minds and merits careful consideration by complementarians and egalitarians alike.

This book will be useful for pastors, Bible teachers, college and seminary students, professors, and lay leaders who wrestle with the topic of women’s roles in ministry, and it will appeal to many with its fresh approach to this hot-button topic.


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Title: Hearing her Voice

Author: John Dickson

Copyright © John Dickson 2014

ISBN: 0310519276

Publisher: Zondervan 2014

Hearing her Voice – A Biblical Invitation for Woman to Preach




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