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The Whale and the Kyak

Episode 25

The Whale and the Kyak

Sometimes you need someone to draw your attention to the biggest things

A small video caught the eye of Instagramers recently – one involving a whale and a kyak.

A drone, hovering over the water at Bondi Beach, captured a person on a kyak paddling away, oblivious to the presence of a whale coasting along directly behind them.

Laurel Moffatt reflects on the unique place the humpback whale occupies in Australian waters, and the way it treats the various oceans of the earth as rooms in a sprawling house.

She also considers the place this particular humpback occupied in the life of that solitary kayaker. And in doing so, she finds a reflection of our sometimes incapacity to see the biggest things around us, and how an outside perspective is what we might need to see life’s the most important ones.

Check out these helpful links from today’s show

If you’d like to hear more humpback whale song, we suggest you visit the Whale Trust.

There’s also lots more to learn about the humpback whales of Eastern Australia at the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

Laurell thoroughly recommends that you check out the original video of the drone, the whale and the kyak.

And learn everything you need to know about the whale underwater day-spa here.

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