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Practice Makes Possible

Episode 23

Practice Makes Possible

Practice doesn’t make perfect – but it makes something possible in the first place

Many people learn to play an instrument when they’re young.

Sadly, most will give it up over time – and many will come to regret it.

To become proficient at an instrument means to practise: to keep playing the same rudiments or scales over and over again.

Practice is sometimes boring. It’s often just an unexciting part of the day. But practice isn’t what makes perfect – it’s what makes possible.

Repetition is key to practice.

If you want to know how to do something, you have to do it over and over again.

This same idea of practice runs throughout the Hebrew scriptures.

From the time of Moses through to Jesus, the Bible is full of encouragement to keep up the small, repetitive practice of following the commands of God and loving one another.

Through constant daily practice, we will never forget the beauty of walking in step with the melody of the Lord.

My teacher lies on the floor with a bad back off to the side of the piano.
I sit up straight on the stool.
He begins by telling me that every key
is like a different room
and I am a blind man who must learn
to walk through all twelve of them
without hitting the furniture.
I feel myself reach for the first doorknob.

Piano Lessons Stanza 1, Billy Collins

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