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Black Box


Black Box

What if there was a box that contained all of our environmental sins? The world’s mistakes for another generation to condemn? They’re building it in Tasmania.


In the hinterland of Australia’s largest island, Laurel Moffatt discovers engineers are hard at work planning a place to story the memory of all our environmental mistakes.

The thinking is that our climate is no longer just changing, but headed for disaster. And if our planet’s going to crash, survivors will need to know what happened and why, and hold any responsible parties to account.

But what if this ‘Black Box’ recorder isn’t big enough. After all, there are many more sins to account for than just greenhouse gases.

The Black Box holds a tension between the acknowledgment of wrong-doing (repentance) with a desire to be made right (justice). But if justice and the judgment it carries is the only thing we have, would any of us survive?


What is Small Wonders?

The clarity the desert brings. Hurricanes and hard relationships. Finding reason in the middle of a ruin. Small Wonders are quiet but profound observations about life from Dr Laurel Moffatt. In each fifteen-minute episode, Laurel uncovers lessons learned from broken and beautiful things that are polished to perfection and set in rich audio landscapes for your consideration.

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