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A Drop in the Ocean

Episode 22

A Drop in the Ocean

Maybe it’s time we re-imagined the Ocean, and allowed ourselves to see in it the reflection of the Creator.

Many of us see the ocean as an immense blue desert; something to be crossed to see loved ones.

It covers nearly 140 million square miles of our planet and can seem to many like an unfathomable, stormy tempest. A single drop seems completely insignificant.

Perhaps it’s for that reason – it’s vastness – that we also cast our rubbish into the ocean.

But seeing it only in terms of its size, as a place of stormy chaos, or just a dumping ground, is reductive. It dismisses the ocean rather than engages with it.

Things are changing. As one mile of the ocean is cleaned at a time – one drop, if you will – marine life explodes back into being.

What was previously lost, is once again found.

What if this fearful, stormy sea is actually something to be nurtured, not just traversed? Seen as a reminder of all that is sacred about life, where even one simple drop can be so life-giving?

The scriptures point to the ocean as the ultimate display of God’s power, creativity – and love.

Maybe it’s time we re-imagined the Ocean, and allowed ourselves to see in it the reflection of the Creator.

How many are your works, Lord!

In wisdom you made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.
There is the sea, vast and spacious,
teeming with creatures beyond number—
living things both large and small
There the ships go to and fro,
and Leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.”
Psalm 104: 24-26

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