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Teenage Jesus


Teenage Jesus

with Chris Forbes

Teenage Jesus

Why don’t we know anything about the teenage Jesus?

Jesus was once a teenage boy, right? Was he a rascal? Who did he hang out with? Was he considered the ancient equivalent of a jock, a cool kid, a nerd, or something else?

And how on earth did he get through the normal teenage years of angst and still be … the perfect incarnation of God?

There’s a bit of speculation about teenage Jesus. And we promise to cover all the evidence for it in this episode.


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Meet our guest


Dr Chris Forbes is an Associate Senior Lecturer in Ancient History. His fields of research and teaching focus on New Testament history, Alexander the Great and Hellenistic history, Graeco-Roman History of Ideas and the intersection of early Christianity and Graeco-Roman culture.

His current research is in the field of the relationship between religion and philosophy in Graeco-Roman thought. He gained his BA (Hons I) Dip.Ed. in Ancient History at Macquarie in 1978, and his PhD in Ancient History in 1987. He taught at Macquarie in various positions since 1985, full time since 1987, and was appointed Senior Lecturer in 2001.

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Teenage Jesus




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