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Promoting the Gospel – The Whole Of Life For The Cause Of Christ

Promoting the Gospel

by John Dickson

Promoting the Gospel

“At last a book about the E word that doesn’t make us feel guilty for not being door-knockers and street preachers. John Dickson rightly makes sense of the interplay between prayer, good works, the way we spend our money, the way we talk about our faith and the role of gifted evangelists. A biblical, practical, warm and encouraging book that does exactly what it sets out to do: equips us as the Christian community to promote the Gospel. Should become a standard text on the subject.” – Michael Frost, Director, Centre for Evangelism and Global Mission, Morling College Sydney.

“This is as lively and sensible a book on evangelism as I’ve seen, especially valuable for bringing out the wide range of activities that all need to be carried on in effective Christian witness in contemporary society. It encourages congregations to recognise the varied gifts of their members and to enable each one to be involved in evangelism even though not all of them may be called to be evangelists in the narrower sense of the term.” – I Howard Marshall, Emeritus Professor of New Testament, University of Aberdeen.

“This latest book by John Dickson is a wonderful and all too rare combination of passion, clarity and deep scriptural scholarship. It is a compelling case for the involvement of all believers in promoting the gospel, not based on hype or overwrought exegesis but on a profound understanding of Scripture and illustrated with contemporary and moving human experience. A must read.” – Robert Forsyth, Bishop of South Sydney, Anglican Church of Australia.
– Publisher.

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Title: Promoting the Gospel – The whole of life for the cause of Christ

Copyright © John Dickson, Blue Bottle Books 2005

ISBN: 19209935 770

Publisher: Blue Bottle Books 2006

Promoting the Gospel - The Whole Of Life For The Cause Of Christ




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