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Confronting Christianity


Confronting Christianity

with Rebecca McLaughlin

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin is a learned, passionate academic who’s not afraid to confront the challenge that this two thousand year old faith has run its course.

Claims of institutionalised homophobia, that religion is bad for us, and scare tactics surrounding the teaching of Hell – they all surface in this episode.

Faced with the most challenging questions of the day, Dr. McLaughlin offers a spirited defence of Christianity that John Dickson thinks amounts to the best answer to troubling questions since Tim Keller’s Reasons For God.

Confronting Christianity


Get to know our guest

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​Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin grew up in the UK and holds a Ph.D. in English literature from Cambridge and a theology degree from Oak Hill College in London. In 2008, she moved to America in 2008 spending 9 years with The Veritas Forum. Serving as VP of Content she had the privilege of identifying and equipping Christian professors to speak about their faith in relation to their work.

In September 2017, Rebecca co-founded Vocable Communications, a speech-focused, data-driven communications firm dedicated to helping leaders deliver messages that change minds.

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Confronting Christianity




Oh boy, does John love questions. So don’t be afraid to send them in. At the end of each season we dedicate an episode or two for John to answer all your burning questions about Christianity. Want to know something more about a previous episode? Or perhaps you’ve got a question about faith that you’ve been struggling to find an answer for?
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