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Learning to Read

Episode 11

Learning to Read

Light and dark. Ignorance and understanding. One day of reading could lead to a lifetime of change

Being able to discern the difference between light and dark is essential for reading. And, this sensitivity is also necessary for navigating our way through many things in daily life.

In the first episode of Season 2, Laurel Moffatt explores the wonder of reading – a complex skill that we so commonly take for granted.

Dwelling on Augustine – a man whose life was changed forever from reading one chapter of a book – she asks what would happen if we read outside in the light, and expose our ignorance.

Learning to read might lead us to learn to live anew.

“As I was . . . weeping in the bitter agony of my heart, suddenly I heard a voice from the nearby house chanting. . . saying and repeating over and over again “Pick up and read, pick up and read.” 

Augustine of Hippo, Confessions, 397-400 AD

What is Small Wonders?

Accept Dr. Laurel Moffatt’s invitation to join her on an exploration of the unnoticed and the seemingly unimportant.

Each episode of Small Wonders offers a brief but piercing look into a topic. The clarity the desert brings. Hurricanes and hard relationships. Finding reason in the middle of a ruin.

These quiet but profound observations about life uncovers lessons learned. Lessons from broken and beautiful things that are polished to perfection and set in rich audio landscapes for your consideration.

Small Wonders is a proud member of the Undeceptions Network.




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