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Six Days


Six Days

with C. John Collins

Six days

Both atheistic evolutionists and literalistic creationists want you to read Genesis the same way, but is there a different take on the foundational book of the Bible?

Last season we brought you John Lennox, talking about the compatibility of faith and a scientific mind, and Ard Louis discussing the evidence for a rational universe … but we sidestepped one obvious debate. Creation versus evolution – 6 days versus 13.8 billion years – young earthers vs. ancient universe-ers. It’s a pretty hot argument in the minds of some believers and non-believers alike. Sometimes both sides think there’s only one way to take Genesis, and that’s at face value.

This episode, though, we talk to Professor C. John Collins, Professor of Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary, who suggests there’s another way that honours both the message and the intellect.


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John +Collins

Professor C. John Collins is Professor of Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary. He has served as the Old Testament chair on the translation committee for the English Standard Version of the Bible, as well as the Old Testament Editor for the ESV Study Bible. Before coming to Covenant Seminary in 1993, Dr. Collins served as a church planter in Spokane, Washington. His background also includes advanced studies in linguistics and biblical languages, and practical experience in Bible study and discipleship ministry. He has written extensively on biblical languages and interpretation, and on science and the Christian faith.

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Six Days




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