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Saving Nature

Episode 100

Saving Nature

with Andrew Gosler

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Is nature inherently valuable if there is no God? According to one scientist, without faith that’s an almost impossible question to answer. But if there is a design to it all? That changes everything – including how we should treat the natural world.

Meet our guests

Andrew Gosler is Professor of Ethno-Ornithology at Oxford University. His main area of study is the relationship between humans and birds. He has written broadly on the subject of conservationism. Andrew came to faith well into his academic career, his conversion fuelled in no small part by the works of Richard Dawkins.


Why do we care for the world? Why does environmentalism actually matter? 

According to our guest – a conservationist who converted to theism, and then Christianity, well into his scientific career- it’s through faith in God that caring for the world around us makes sense at all.

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The Pallas’s Leaf Warbler, that Andrew waited 50 years to see!

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