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Racist Church


Racist Church

With Jemar Tisby & Brooke Prentis

Racist Church

Some would argue that Christianity itself is racist. Given the sweep of history, this is a charge that has to be confronted.

So we’re going to speak to a couple of people who, despite all the things the church has done wrong — and continues to do wrong — and despite all the things the church should be doing but just isn’t – still see Christ as Lord. They are still part of the church. They still think Christianity is beautiful, even if parts of the church are not.

You as listeners – whether you believe or not – are going to have to be the judges here.

This is not an episode in which I feel competent to lecture anyone. I don’t know what it’s like to be a minority. That’s why we’re speaking to people today who do know.


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Meet our guests


Jemar Tisby is a New York Times bestselling author, national speaker, and public historian on a mission to deliver truths from the Black experience with depth and clarity.


Brooke Prentis is an Aboriginal Christian Leader and a descendant of the Wakka Wakka peoples. Brooke is the Aboriginal spokesperson for Common Grace and Coordinator of the Grasstree Gathering.

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Racist Church




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