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Hindu Priest


Hindu Priest

with Rahil Patel

What do you do if you devote your entire life to one religion, then slowly realise you belong somewhere else?

This episode isn’t an exploration of a forgotten piece of history, a tricky topic, or an ethical dilemma, but a story, plain and simple about a search for personal peace, which is just what our anxious world needs right now.

Rahil Patel was one of the Hindu world’s leading evangelists who spent decades establishing temples all over Europe and Russia, until one day he woke up to discover that his heart belonged to someone else.

Hindu Priest


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Get to know our guest

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Rahil and his wife Szabina live in Oxford, United Kingdom. Rahil engaged in Eastern spirituality and culture under the tutelage of various Hindu scholars and gurus for 20 years. However, at the age of 40, he came to a realisation that his pursuit of truth was all in vain, renouncing his monkhood and returning to civilian life. Yet, an unexpected and life-changing mystical encounter with Jesus Christ changed Rahil’s assumptions forever. After his water baptism, he began to realise to his own surprise that religion and spirituality have their subtle but tangible limits into the dimensions of joy, peace and truth that one can experience while a personal relationship with God has no borders or boundaries.
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Hindu Priest




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