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God’s War I


God’s War I

with Christopher Tyerman

God’s War I

This is the first of a two part episode on The Crusades. 

Over nine hundred years after the launch of the first Crusade, world leaders are still invoking their memory to explain ongoing conflict. But how plausible is that?

Chances are, whether you’re a Christian or a skeptic, what you think you know about the Crusades is wrong. Or so says our guest for this episode.

What were the Crusades? How did they start? What did they achieve? Why did they stop?

And does their shadow really fall over modern tensions between the West and Muslim lands?


Download a transcript of this episode here

Meet our guest


Christopher Tyerman was educated at New College, Oxford (BA First Class 1974; DPhil 1981), lectured at the University of York (1976-77), holder of Oxford research fellowships at The Queen’s College (1977-82) and Exeter College (1982-87), and winner of the Royal Historical Society’s Alexander Prize Medal (1981). Tyerman joined Hertford College as a lecturer in medieval history in 1979 and has been a fellow since 2006.

His main research interests have related to crusading as a cultural, religious, political and social phenomenon of medieval western Europe between the eleventh and sixteenth centuries.

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God’s War I




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