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First things first

First things first

Explore the Bible’s opening 100 lines: Genesis chapters 1-3

Speaker: John Dickson

Part 1: Book of Books: How can I read the Bible as a grown-up? (26:09)

Part 2: God is not 'a' god: Do I need 'faith' to know God exists? (25:37)

Part 3: Matter Really Matters: Why look after myself and the world? (25:53)

Part 4: Imago Dei: How can we all be equally valuable? (32:24)

Part 5: Male & Female: Are sex and gender real? (38:18)

Part 6: Rest: How can I work hard and play well? (29:19)

Part 7: True Freedom: Will following rules ruin my life? (29:43)

Part 8: One Flesh: What's the point of (traditional) marriage? (33:35)

Part 9: Fallen: Does the concept of 'sin' undermine self-esteem? (35:24)

Part 10: Re-creation: What does God intend to do about the mess? (34:49)

First things first




Oh boy, does John love questions. So don’t be afraid to send them in. At the end of each season we dedicate an episode or two for John to answer all your burning questions about Christianity. Want to know something more about a previous episode? Or perhaps you’ve got a question about faith that you’ve been struggling to find an answer for?
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