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Soul Search with Dr Meredith Lake

Saints, Bullies, and Believers

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a sceptic was immersed in peak religious belief at a creationist museum devoted to a literal reading of the book of Genesis, complete with a life-size replica of Noah’s ark?

What if an ordained minister and public advocate of the Christian faith, took a close look at what Christians have done throughout history and was confronted with the horrors and complicities of his beloved church?

Sarah Krasnostein and John Dickson have both stepped outside of their spiritual comfort zone to face belief – and unbelief. They let things get awkward, and they weren’t afraid to run out of explanations. They learned that sometimes the things that unsettle us open a path to learning, connection and clarity.




Oh boy, does John love questions. So don’t be afraid to send them in. At the end of each season we dedicate an episode or two for John to answer all your burning questions about Christianity. Want to know something more about a previous episode? Or perhaps you’ve got a question about faith that you’ve been struggling to find an answer for?
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