This new edition of Simply Christianity makes a great evangelistic course even easier to use. Simply Christianity has been highly successful in introducing small groups of enquirers to Jesus through reading Luke's Gospel and discussing it with a Christian group leader. It is a 'lounge' course, designed to be done in a friendly environment where people can build relationships as they discuss the gospel in depth over five sessions.

Written by John Dickson, this new edition incorporates the complete text of Luke's Gospel into the Guest and Leader's Manuals. It has been thoroughly revised, with extra material on God's judgement, how Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecies and further evidence for the resurrection. The Leader's Manual provides extensive guidelines on how to run each session, how to use the extra information, and how to tell your testimony to a small group.

An excellent way of communicating the gospel of Jesus to both young and old.

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Title: Simple Christianity - Leader Manual

Author: John Dickson

Copyright © John Dickson 1998

ISBN: 978 1 876326 55 5

Publisher: Matthias Media 2003