One of the reasons people sometimes avoid looking into Christianity is the there are so many versions on offer, each with its own spin on things, its own rituals and practices, its own religious package.

But just imagine we were able to get beyond this - to strip back all the rituals, myths and dogma; to put to one side the hair-splitting and disagreements; to get beyond all the trappings of 'religion' - what would we find? If we were to go back to Jesus himself, to the biographies about him contained in the New Testament, what would we discover Christianity to be about?
That is the project of this book. It aims to present simply Christianity, by reading and reflecting upon the ancient biography of Jesus written by Luke.

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Title: Simply Christianity - Guest's Manual

Author: John Dickson

Copyright © John Dickson 1998

ISBN: 978 1 876326 54 8

Publisher: Matthias Media 2003