The collection of interviews and articles in this volume represents a small portion of the output of CPX over it's first few years in operation. We hope it communicates something of the beauty, truth and goodness of historic Christian teaching, and it's impact within the fields of philsosophy, ethics, science, the arts, history and human endeavour.

Authors: David Bentley Hart, Megan Best, Darrell Bock, Greg Clarke, Caroline Cox, John Dickson, Joel Edwards, Os Guinness, Bronwen Hanna, Stanley Hauerwas, Edwin Judge, John Lennox, Bill McKibben, Alvin Plantinga, Brian Rosner, Richard Schumack, Ron Sider, Somon Smart, Melinda Tankard Reist, Justine Toh, Keith Ward, Ben Witherington III.

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Title: Public Christianity - Talking about faith in a post-Christian world

Author: John Dickson

Copyright © Centre for Public Christianity 2011

ISBN: 9780987106704

Publisher: Centre for Public Christianity 2011