An accessible introduction to Jesus' life and his impact today
Recent claims about the life of Jesus (including The Da Vinci Code) have raised many questions about the historicity of the man from Nazareth. Now John Dickson sets the record straight. He draws on the latest scholarship to provide a succinct account of Jesus' life, teachings, death and resurrection - and his continuing significance today.

The mists of speculation and fantasy surrounding each of the topics addressed—which include the historicity of the New Testament; Jesus’ birth and family; and his teachings, miracles, death, resurrection, and subsequent appearances—are cleared away, revealing the founder of Christianity in sharp focus.

The closing chapters also address the impact of Jesus’ teaching and life on Christianity today. Beautifully illustrated with some of the best-loved images of Christ, this is a reliable and readable biography.


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Title: Jesus - A short life

Author: John Dickson

Copyright © John Dickson 2008, Lion Hudson 2008

ISBN: 074595578

Publisher: Lion Hudson 2012