How much can we really know about Jesus of Nazareth? How reliable are the Gospels and other sources and how widely have historians and theologians agreed on them? And how much does the historical record really matter?

In this popular illustrated book, Australian scholar and TV documentary presenter, John Dickson, sets out to answer these questions. By reviewing ancient evidence, interviewing leading experts and setting out a robust historical method, he establishes clearly the reliability or unreliability of different sources, interpretations and arguments. Christianity prides itself on being a historical religion. John Dickson subjects this to very close scrutiny and shows both how vital this is and yet how different Jesus was from the way he is so often portrayed today.

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Title: Investigationg Jesus - An Historian's Quest

Author: John Dickson

Copyright Lion Hudson © John Dickson 2010

ISBN: 978 0 7459 5350 2

Publisher: Lion Hudson 2010