Explore the Bible's opening 100 lines: Genesis chapters 1-3

Speaker: John Dickson

Part 1: Book of Books: How can I read the Bible as a grown-up?
Part 2: God is not 'a' god: Do I need 'faith' to know God exists?
Part 3: Matter Really Matters: Why look after myself and the world?
Part 4: Imago Dei: How can we all be equally valuable?
Part 5: Male & Female: Are sex and gender real?
Part 6: Rest: How can I work hard and play well?
Part 7: True Freedom: Will following rules ruin my life?
Part 8: One Flesh: What's the point of (traditional) marriage?
Part 9: Fallen: Does the concept of 'sin' undermine self-esteem?
Part 10: Re-creation: What does God intend to do about the mess?