The only biblical laws to be “written with the finger of God,” the Ten Commandments are perhaps one of the most well-known and vexed verses of the whole Bible. They have found their way into our art, monuments, literature, and culture—even into Richard Dawkins famed “Ten Atheist Commandments.” 

In A Doubter’s Guide to the Ten Commandments, John Dickson explores how these ten ancient instructions have not only changed our world but show us what the Good Life looks like as well. Whether or not one believes in the Bible, these instructions open up a window to the Western world and on our own souls. 

Skeptics and believers alike will find fresh insights and new topics of discussion, and, quite possibly, renewed bones of contention as they take a deeper look at the Ten Commandments that have helped shape our world.

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Title: A Doubter's Guide to the Ten Commandments - How for better or worse, our ideas about the good life come from Moses and Jesus

Author: John DIckson

Copyright © John Dickson 2016

ISBN: 978-0310328612

Publisher: Zondervan 2016