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Social Weed-killer


Social Weed-killer

Steve McAlpine zeroes in on a social value that everyone thinks is doing us good, but in reality, is as toxic as weed killer.


‘You do you’ is the mantra of western society. The technical term is expressive individualism – the almost sacred right of every person to find out what aids their flourishing and to do that, even if it comes at the expense of other people.

It’s a project seemingly full of promise. Full of personal growth. And it’s built on the philosophical assumptions of the past couple of hundred years, in which communities – particularly family and faith communities – are viewed as restrictive and damaging to your flourishing as an individual.

But Steve McAlpine asks, what if the ideas or values we feed ourselves with, all designed to help us flourish and grow, are actually making us fade and wither? What if, in our search to figure out how best to move ourselves forward, we’re taking a huge step backwards? What if what we hoped would help us is actually as toxic to society as WEED-killer?

(And if you’re looking for a secret word this week, WEED would be a good place to start 😉 )


To celebrate the launch of the newest podcast in the Undeceptions Network, ‘Delorean Philosophy with Stephen McAlpine’, we are giving away a LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine! There are also 5 copies of Steve’s book Being the Bad Guys to be won. Click here to enter!

You can also find much more from Steve over at his blog site,

What is Delorean Philosophy?

Where are we going as a society? And will you be happy when we get there? Steve McAlpine is here to help you answer those questions.

If a Delorean time machine pulled up in front of your house – Back To The Future style – and someone offered to show you what the future would be like, would you be content with what you found? And if not, what could you do to change it? Thinking this through is what Steve McAlpine calls Delorean Philosophy.

Steve McAlpine is a well-known social commentator, respected theologian and popular author. Each week, he takes a crucial trend or event that’s playing out in society now and asks, “Where is this taking us?”

Rather than just pontificating, Steve then provides practical steps listeners can take if they want to change the future. That’s Delorean Philosophy.

Delorean Philosophy is a proud member of the Undeceptions Network
Delorean Philosophy is a proud member of the Undeceptions Network.




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